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Epoxy floor coatings have many benefits. They are seamless, hygienic and chemical resistant. This type of flooring is easy to clean, looks great and requires little maintenance. Epoxy flooring systems have very fast curing times and we can install a complete flooring system with minimum disruption or down time for your business.

One of the leading providers of epoxy flooring in the UK, Orchid Flooring are proud members of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA) and fully subscribes to their Code of Practice. This means that we operate to very high standards and have quality assurance and rigorous staff training schemes in place

We will be happy to advise where it is most practical to repair or relay your industrial floors or decking. Orchid Flooring use the latest techniques in concrete repair and corrosion inhibition.

Line Demarcation

The addition of a well designed line marking scheme can help you to organise your working environment efficiently. Walkways, parking bays, gangways, workstations and aisles can be clearly demarcated using contrasting colours and hatching.

The high-gloss coloured finish is hard-wearing and has good chemical resistance as well as fantastic foot and vehicular movement tolerance. It can be applied to a range of surface types and finishes subject to appropriate preparation.

Line demarcation can be applied using rollers, brush or trowel to masking tape which have been carefully marked out, this method affords minimal bleed even on textured surfaces.

Demarcation lines are ideal for a number of applications especially, Automotive and Aerospace sectors, as well as Food Production, Warehousing and Distribution along with the Manufacture industry.

Aimia Foods, Haydock - Mezzanine Floor

Aimia Foods, Haydock - Mezzanine Floor

Aimia foods is a UK based manufacturer of beverages and foods and is part of the Cott Corporation, an International Beverage Specialist. Aimia has a growing turnover of £80m and employs 320 staff in three adjacent sites in North West England.

Aimia came to Orchid looking for a...

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