Aimia Foods, Haydock

Aimia Foods, Haydock - Mezzanine Floor

Aimia foods is a UK based manufacturer of beverages and foods and is part of the Cott Corporation, an International Beverage Specialist. Aimia has a growing turnover of £80m and employs 320 staff in three adjacent sites in North West England.

Aimia came to Orchid looking for a solution to solve the issue of damage being done to their existing floor coating on a mezzanine floor within their dry blending area. In areas of high traffic and movement of machinery, deep recessed gouges were created especially in the areas found on or near the joints in the panels on the mezzanine floor. This had become a considerable issue for the production team in dry blending as transport and movement around the area had become difficult taking into account the size of goods and machinery regularly being moved around. The problem was exacerbated by the fact that the flexible nature of the floor was increasing the issue of failure around the areas of the joints of the plates on the mezzanine.

The solution Aimia required was a tough, hard-wearing floor that could stand up to the vigour of a daily manufacturing environment, but would be flexible enough to resist the previous floor’s failing to facilitate the elasticity requirements demanded from a mezzanine floor coating.

Orchid Flooring’s response to the issue was firstly to suggest fibreglass bandaging to the joints of the metal plates of the mezzanine floor. This would facilitate the natural flexibility of the mezzanine floor surface. The product we decided to utilise was Resuflor FX from RSL, which is a self-smoothing polyurethane modified epoxy resin seamless floor finish designed to provide a hard-wearing gloss finish with a level profile between 2.5mm - 3mm thickness with a degree of flexibility.

The system gives aesthetically pleasing results with chemical resistance and durability. Its advantages are:


Construction Line Accreditation
FeRFA Accreditation
CHAS Accreditation
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