Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation

​Floor preparation is the key to any successful job and within the flooring industry this is imperative. Using our own Terrco grinders in conjunction with diamond grinding stones to afford us the best possible surface on which to install a coating. We utilise a variety of techniques to facilitate a maximum bond using specialist equipment, this allows us to clean off residues on the floor surface and any oils, greases or existing floor coatings and debris.

Our grinders are linked to HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners to remove all latent dust created by the grinding. This leaves the resulting surface clean with exposed aggregate with a suitably keyed surface, ready to receive the designated coating.

The following stage of preparation is to install a specifically recommended primer for the specific application. These primers include Damp Proofing Membranes if moisture is an issue in the floor slab or oil tolerant primers if there is requirement for certain resistances to particular products which are going to be used in this area.

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